Top 25 Attic Remodeling Ideas

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Below you’ll find some of the most popular attic remodeling ideas.


Attic Remodeling Ideas

The attic is often used as a place for extra storage space where dust collects, but more homeowners are transforming the setting to make it an extension of the rest of the house.

Home Theater

The attic is an ideal place to build a home theater or an extra bedroom for your family, which can make it easier to get more use out of the building. When you’re in the design phase of remodeling the attic, there are a few various ideas to consider.

Reclaimed Wood Wall

Make a statement in the attic by creating a wall that is decorated with reclaimed wood, which will make the room look finished. Using reclaimed scrap wood from an old fence or pallet boards will create a contemporary and rustic touch that is cozy. You can paint the wood that is installed or leave it bare before decorating it with framed family photos when you want an affordable feature to include.

Install a Skylight

Incorporate natural light into the attic to reduce your energy bill by adding a skylight in the roof. The skylight will create a well-lit environment that is bright and cheery to prevent the space from looking dim. An extra window can also be added on one of the walls to offer a view of the outside.

Knock Down the Walls

One of the best remodeling ideas is to knock down the walls to create an open floor plan that feels more spacious. The attic can serve more purposes if the walls are knocked down, which will make it easier to fit larger pieces of furniture.

Add Wallpaper

Make the attic feel cozy by applying wallpaper to an accent wall or all of the walls in the room, which will prevent it from feeling like a cold and bland attic. Choose a wallpaper design that has an oversized floral print or large vertical stripes to draw attention to a specific area of the space.

Install a Heating and Cooling System

It’s important to make the space comfortable to spend time in by installing a cooling and heating system that is separate from the rest of the house. You’ll need a thermostat in the attic and to talk to a professional to determine if it’ll be difficult to run the plumbing, ductwork, and wiring to the space from the rest of the building.

Transform it into a Playroom

Create a playroom out of your attic where your kids can disconnect from technology and have fun with their toys while using their imagination. You can enjoy having all of their loud noise contained in a separate room of the home and incorporate plenty of tiny furniture, toys, and bright colors on the walls.

Hang Curtains

Add a touch of warmth and comfort to your attic with curtains that are hung on the windows, which is ideal if you’re planning on using the space for an extra bedroom. The curtains will also contribute to the style of the space if you’re using the attic for a studio or office.

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