Top 25 Home Addition Ideas

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Below you’ll find some of the most popular home addition ideas.


Home Addition Ideas

Many people decide to build an addition to their homes. If you decide to build a home addition, you may wonder what sort you should have built.

Meet Your Needs

The type of addition you build will be determined by your family’s needs and your budget. If you think that a home addition is in your future, here are a few home addition ideas to consider.

Needed Space

When you find your home can no longer accommodate your family, but you do not want to move, it may be time to consider building an addition.

Making The Plans

Local building codes may also influence your plans. If you find that you need extra garage space for cars or a workshop, you may expand the garage you have or build a second. Your family is expanding and you need more space. You might even add a new bedroom when your kids get old enough to not want to share a bedroom.

Extra Space

Unlike the previous suggestion, your addition may not be attached to the house. If you really need a lot of garage space, or if you need a studio, office or guest space, it may be sensible to create a separate structure to give the place a little distance from the main house.

Home Addition Ideas room addition on old roof

Recreational Space

Maybe you don’t necessarily need extra space, but it sure would be nice to have. How about a sun room or screened in porch for taking in the fine weather while spending time with your family? If the kids need somewhere to play consider a screened in porch or basket ball court. A patio or pool is a great excuse to invite guests to entertain and enjoy your pool.

Calculating All The Factors

Probably you are thinking about building an addition, there are a lot of factors to consider. You have to have the money to build.

Consequently You Make The Decision

First of all You should also not be afraid to consider what you want since you will have to live with it. And when you are planning your home addition, check out to for help with your remodeling ideas.

Style Is Especially Relevant

You will be able to find home addition ideas, contractors and even stylish, good quality materials.